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PaidToday users can build and deploy digital sales funnels to get more leads easily and quickly. Hook the funnel up to paid-advertising for an added boost.

There are lots of professionals who can build a funnel for you or you can do it yourself inside of PaidToday, no additional software requried. Easily pick a template from the marketplace or build from scratch.

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Once you've got a prospect, easily track them through the entire sales process so you never lose a lead (or a deal) again!

Easily move your leads through the sales pipeline and make notes, attach files, and keep track of every important detail.


Transform your customer's experience by offering an engaging, easy-to-use, self-service portal.

These portals allow you to:

  • Collaborate directly with your clients
  • Let your customers pay their bill, directly on your website
  • Buy products and services without needing you on the phone or long email chains